Anonymous said: What is some of your life wisdom? Like throughout the years have you noticed something that would be good to know (example that things don't always go someones way, live life to the fullest, be positive, etc)?

Here’s some tidbits of life philosophy 4 u:

1) The greatest things in your life usually gradually happen in combined, small increments that require effort, time, and consistency. Your life is not going to wonderfully change in a sudden, cosmic accident by some universally destined stroke of luck.

2) I once read a quote on here that you’re probably never going to “get it together,” whatever that means. And it’s true, with each change that manifests in your life comes a new set of responses and feelings and it’s normal to feel like you’re in this perpetual, ineluctable cycle of wandering and being lost. Just don’t sit around on your ass all day and DO something with the best intent in mind.

3) People are so ready to believe in the negative side to things. We’re so used to fortunate things in our lives that we become desensitized to it all, in a sense. It’s almost like the concept of diminishing returns in economics- the novelty of a good thing starts to wear off when it’s involved with daily routine. Weigh in the good and the bad with balance.

4) It’s good to educate yourself. Stay with current issues, read up and research, and have an opinion. No, you can’t and don’t have to know everything, but have a semblance of understanding.

5) It’s also good to persistently create and share. Write, draw, bake, compose, etc. and share it. Utter shitastic shit from Planet Shit? WHO CARES.  The magic of creating also comes along with the sharing. Nobody cares about your mistakes as much as you, yourself do.

 Which segues into 6) You’re not as important as you think. Don’t get overly-obsessed over your own insecurities and personal faults and failures

Which also segues into 7) Don’t get obsessively critical of others’ insecurities, personal faults, and failures

8) Exercise is good for you not lame okay

9) Don’t ever get too comfortable

10) Be open-minded to new opportunities, accidents, experimentation, and friendships

11) Pizza is good for the soul

12) Life becomes that much better when you have new cute underwear and socks

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